There’s a Wolf on the farm!

Before you jump to any conclusions, let me explain that the “Wolf” we’re referring to is our modified Wolf WHE140 Hop Harvesting machine.

But let’s step back 6 months….

With the goal of scaling our operations to support the growing demand for hops, a method for harvesting hops efficiently took the forefront of our planning process.  After a lot of research and planning, we chose a modified “Wolf-Hopfenpfluckmaschine” which translates into “Hop picking machine” which will allow us to strip approximately 170 *bines per hour.  We contacted Thomas Frazer ( at Dauenhauer Manufacturing Company  Thomas patiently answered all of our questions and quickly found us a machine to suit our needs.

After a long voyage from central Germany, across the Atlantic Sea, Montreal-Toronto via railway and finally down the road to arrive at our farm on Tuesday April 8th 2014.

*Bines are a climbing plant which use downward-pointing bristles to grip and wrap around a central support and climb upwards (vines use tendrils and suckers to climb).


Wolf1The truck arrives at our farm at 7:30am





Wolf2The container is opened and some of the small contents are removed by hand





Wolf6A new toy for the day to help with unloading





Wolf4The top section of the machine





The bottom half of the Wolf Harvester arriving Spring '14

The bottom half of the Wolf Harvester arriving Spring ’14

Being unloaded by family/local farmers Ken Brenneman and nephew Paul Brenneman


A special thanks to all of our machinery operators and riggers for the day:  Owen Wallace (and his tractor), Paul Brenneman (Zoom Boom driver extraordinaire!), Ken Brenneman, Keith Brenneman, Mark Brenneman (and his tractor), and Jamie Romano.  Jeremy and I are extremely lucky to have such great family and friends willing to help us out!

 I’d also like to thank Marilyn Brenneman and Pam Wallace for watching Nash and showing him all the tractors!